Jonas received his M.Sc. degree at the age of 21, probably the youngest M.Sc. in Sweden at the time. Already employed as consultant in security and risk management, Jonas began an outstanding career. After only a few months of employment, Jonas received his first internationally recognized certifcation; GSEC. Four years later, and CISSP certified, Jonas formed senior consultancy firm Engvall Security AB together with two business partners. At the time of writing (January 2014), Engvall Security has nine employees and a turnover reaching 15 million SEK.

Jonas skills and capabilities can be verified by numerous references ranging from project leaders to government agency level 2 executives.

Areas of expertise


Accreditation & procurement

Jonas has been lead performer for the activities and documentation related to the accreditation process in numerous military it-systems, ranging from strictly administrative systems to pure C2 systems. Activities performed are foremost risk analysis, legal analysis and the identification and development of security requirements. Consequently, Jonas has deep insight in the SwAF legal framework (KSF, FFS, FIB etc.).

Security evaluation

Jonas has been involved in security reviews, evaluations and testing of classified military systems and environments. Conducted activities range from documentation review to vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Sec. design

Jonas has been involved in the development of the security solutions for numerous military systems of various kinds.



Formal education

M.Sc. in data & communication from Linkoping University (2007)







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Lüning Consulting AB

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